Born Chicago, Illinois


B.A. Photography, Pomona College, Claremont, California

M.A. Art History, University of California, Los Angeles


1977 – Present
Photography and Media Faculty,
 California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

1979 – 1984
Associate Dean of School of Art,
 California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

Co-director, Womanspace Gallery, Los Angeles

Compiled and edited the journals of Richard Neutra


Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles

Three Funerals and Some Acts of Preservation, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles

Selected Photographs, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York

Angles Gallery, Los Angeles 

Angles Gallery, Los Angeles 

Angles Gallery, Los Angeles

Angles Gallery, Los Angeles

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More Art, Patricia Faure Gallery, Los Angeles

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 Los Angeles
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AWARDS (See Videography for video awards)
Los Angeles Printmaking Society Purchase Award
Grünwald Center for the Graphic Arts,
 Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

L.A. Center for Photographic Studies for
 Distinguished Career in Photography

National Endowment for the Arts
, Individual Artist’s Grant in Photography

Reva and David Logan Grant for New Writing on Photography
Administered by the Photographic Resource Center, Boston University

National Endowment for the Arts, 
Photography Survey Grant


Three Funerals and Some Acts of Preservation
The filmmaker tells the story of the two burials of Michelangelo, films the conservators at the Getty working on their sculpture collection in ways that you might not have imagined, and plans her own funeral, based on some that she’s attended and others she’s seen in movies.

I’ll Remember Mama
A meditation on the imminent passing of her mother – the objects that she will leave behind and the memories and knowledge that will disappear with her passing. Screening at the Hammer Museum, biennial, “Made in L.A. 2014”.

Guided Tour
A mash-up of two docent talks set against images of art shot by the filmmaker that have no relationship to the art that is being discussed by the docents.
It has been screened at Angles Gallery, Los Angeles and at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.
Screened in 2014 at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Screened in 2011 at the Dallas Video Festival;
 Images Festival, Toronto, and Worldfest, Houston, where it was winner of Silver Remi award.

The End of Photography
This short film, shot on black and white super-8 film, is a lament for the fading away of film. The narrator lists all the implements involved in the making of analog photographs while shots of the pre-McMansion vernacular landscape in Los Angeles flash by.
It has been screened at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, The Netherlands; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, invitational screening; Angles Gallery, Santa Monica; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, screenings in Paris, Berlin and Madrid; the Kassel Film and Video Festival in Kassel, Germany; European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany and “Saison Video,” Espace Croisé, Lille, France.
2012 Screenings: 
Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York; Centro Cultural Contemporanea, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Screenings:
 Angles Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 Screenings: 
Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit; 
Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington
2007 Screenings: Antimatter Festival, Victoria, B.C.; 
Berkeley Film and Video Festival; 
Worldfest Houston; 
Dallas Video Festival
2008 Screenings:
 Séance panorama contemporain, Bétonsalon, Paris;
 Galeria Virgilio, Sao Paulo, Brazil;
 MOCA, Los Angeles: “Index: Conceptual Art in California from the Permanent Collection”

50 Ways to Set the Table
This documentary about the annual table-setting competition at the L.A. County Fair is a visit to a piece of Americana where the pleasures of making meet the unbending rules of social class.
It has been screened in the Documentary Fortnight series at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at Cinematexas in Austin, at the New York Underground Film Festival in New York City, at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas; Angles Gallery, Los Angeles, and at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

What We Think About When We Think About Ships
This video installation was commissioned by LACMALab at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The artists were asked to create an installation that used an object from the museum’s collection and to address  the theme of “seeing” in a way that would be appropriate for both children and adults.

In a small room that houses a 19th century marine painting, viewers look into viewing slits and see the same tape loop: A sailor repeatedly falls on his face toward the camera, clearing the screen for a succession of unexpected representations of ships – an outline of a tugboat drawn in glue, then set on fire; a dozen toy sailboats sinking out of sight in a bathtub while emitting small cries of distress; an ice sculpture of a sailing ship slowly melting, and so on.

 Exhibited at LACMALab at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, November, 2001 – August 2002.

My Getty Center
This tape chronicles the winter of 1997, when El Nino and the Getty Center came to Los Angeles at the same time, generating a few rainstorms, a billion dollar cultural complex, and an avalanche of hype. It is a tape about the talk that surrounds things – the media hype around new museum buildings and the weather, and                   especially the talk around art.
 Silver Award, Worldfest Houston, 2000
Best of Festival, Berkeley Film and Video Festival
Other Screenings: 
J. Paul Getty Museum, as part of “Departures: 11 Artists at the Getty”;
 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin; Impakt New Media Festival, Utrecht, Holland; YYZ, Toronto; Rutgers University; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Diary of a Midlife Crisis
This is a serio-comic video diary about a middle-aged photographer whose fear of moving the video camera is used as a comic metaphor for her feeling of being creatively at a standstill. The emotional climax comes when she executes her first shaky pan. A meditation on art, aging, creativity and the difference between stillness and motion.
Awards: Silver Spire Award, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1998
Bronze award, Worldfest Houston, 1998
Other Screenings:
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Art in General, New York;
 Bonn Videonale, Bonn, Germany; Kassel Film and Video Fest, Kassel, Germany;
 Bandits- Mages Festival, Bourges, France; Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, San Francisco; Atlanta Film and Video Festival; Brisbane International Film Festival; L.A. Freewaves Festival, Los Angeles.