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Leading contemporary art artists

Meet the leading artists of contemporary art so you can appreciate their most outstanding works and the work they have dedicated years to, which should be exhibited in galleries, museums and others.

The 10 most outstanding artists of contemporary art

The artists that make up this list are considered legends, thanks to their popularity and career, so it is worth knowing both them and their works.

Ai Weiwei

He is a dissident artist of Chinese origin who stands out for his courage, thanks to the fact that his works revolve around controversial issues such as censorship, society and human rights, starting from freedom in every aspect and creating sculptures, music, architecture and others.

This artist currently uses social networks to share with his audience the daily aspects of his life, as well as the political resistance to which he dedicates part of his time.

Jeff Koons

This artist is very popular and recognized in the media, thanks to the fact that he broke the auction sales record at Christie’s.

The artist has turned ordinary elements into true works of art, for example his work of Michael Jackson with his chimpanzee Bubbles, the blue metallic ball in the midst of other famous paintings and more.

Yayoi Kusama

The most outstanding works of the artist are surrounded by colored dots and are exhibited at the Tamayo Museum.

Already 87 years old, this artist is a star in the best rock style. Yayoi suffered from hallucinations from a very young age that she decided to turn into works.

During the 1960s, his happenings made viewers in New York marvel and from there they have traveled the world.

Damien Hirst

This controversial figure has always moved between two waters, one that admires him and another that hates him, especially since he is the richest living artist in the world.

His works are unconventional and often include elements such as insects or animal parts, so audiences may have controversial opinions.

Yoko Ono

Remembered by many as the woman who broke the Beatles’ harmony, she has explored the world of poetry, music and acting, even at 83 years old she continues to impress thousands, although others certainly loathe her.

Theaster Gates

This artist wonderfully mixes urbanism and ceramics, so that being an art lover balances it with his usual life in the conventional world.

He is a community activist and his sculptures are usually made of recyclable and reused materials.

Frank Stella

This man has been an artist throughout his entire life. In his youth, at the age of 25, he managed to be included in the Sixteen Americans exhibition, carried out by MoMA.

His works in the form of paintings are usually created in opposition to the current reality of the art world, full of expressionists with abstract vision.

Tania Bruguera

She is an artist of Cuban origin whose performance aims to oppose strict political positions and seeks to advocate for human rights and freedom of expression.

Alex Katz

His works are full of color and elegant figures, stylized forms and close-ups predominate.

He is considered the father of contemporary figurativism and this has allowed him to study the way in which the viewer observes the work.cindy sherman

This artist has set the standard in terms of photographic dynamism, and that is that in the images she shares with the world, movie stars, evil characters, victims, clowns and much more appear.

Art has various forms of expression and thanks to them human beings are able to transmit and communicate their feelings and emotions to their peers. If you are interested in learning more about contemporary art and other related topics, visit our blog and discover new published articles.

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Meet the 11 fine arts

Get to know the 11 fine arts that exist in the world, from the oldest to those that have recently been added to the list, thanks to the fact that they stand out in an incredible way from other activities.

What are the 11 fine arts?

These expressions of creativity have been consolidated as a universal language, which allows people to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics that the artist intends to share.

Fine arts are artistic representations that give works aesthetic value and are endowed with creativity in different fields.

From this concept, various cultural disciplines have emerged in the world that not only allow artists to express themselves but also allow viewers to enjoy beauty and art.


It is one of the most enduring forms of creative expression, thanks to the materials used to make the work.

Works of architecture have functional value, as well as symbology and aesthetic beauty, filling public spaces around the world, with diverse styles and varied uses, from churches to town halls.


This form of fine arts is very old, it even existed in prehistoric times and remains in force to this day.

The artists who use it are capable of creating 3-dimensional shapes with beauty, aesthetics, and creativity.


It is a very popular form of artistic expression that uses color, light, shadow, perspective and even dimensions to express feelings, ideas and thoughts.

What the artist intends to convey is not always what the viewer captures, but the idea beyond that is to arouse any emotion in the viewer.


This artistic expression results from the harmonic combination of notes that create sounds, which are aligned in such a way that they converge in pleasing melodies to the sense.

Anyone can use music as a means of artistic expression, since it includes everything from singing to instruments.

It is usually present throughout the life of the human being, from birth to the time of death, in any modality.


As with music, dance is an artistic expression considered part of the fine arts and that anyone can use.

It is not necessary to be an expert in dance to express yourself through it, however, when practiced professionally, it makes viewers perceive emotions, sensations and everything that the artist wants to convey.

The movement of the body in dance is undoubtedly the expressive resource used by the artist, usually accompanied by music.


It is about the artistic expression used by the human being through letters, which together make sense in the form of poetry, narration, scripts or others.

Written language in any language, which intends to convey emotions, sensations, ideas or thoughts, is considered part of the fine arts.


It is the seventh art and it is considered a form of expression in which many people participate to conceive masterpieces of entertainment on the big screen.

This artistic modality combines several of the above in one place.


Recently added, this fine art modality allows the artist to capture a magical moment and freeze it to preserve it over time.

It can be presented physically or digitally, using various forms or artistic modalities.

Comics/ Comics

Also called graphic art, it involves turning drawings of different styles into complete works that bet on the entertainment of the viewer.

It can be carried out in a traditional or modern way and is shared with the public through various means of dissemination.


Food is present daily in the life of the human being and transmits sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas that delight the diner’s palate, combining flavors in a harmonious way.


Although little known, circus art is also part of the fine arts, combining acrobatics, movements, makeup, costumes, scenery and much more.

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Contemporary art galleries in Europe

Get to know the most important contemporary art galleries in Europe, so you can get to know them during your vacation and don’t miss out on your visit to each one of them.

List of contemporary art galleries in Europe

Get to know the most outstanding contemporary art galleries in Europe in the current cultural and social sphere, so that you can visit those that are attractive to you.

Marlborough in Madrid

Founded in London in 1946, this art gallery has offices in different major cities around the world.

He arrived in Madrid in 1992, exhibiting the work of Francis Bacon, thanks to the efforts of Pierre Levai.

In the place, national and international works from the 20th century onwards are exhibited, continuously working with various museums and galleries to bring viewers the best of fine art.

Among the artists that appear with their works in the gallery are Antonio López-García, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, David Rodríguez Caballero and Francisco Leiro.

Galerie Keller in Paris

This is an artistic space located on a beautiful cobbled street in the Bastille neighborhood in Paris. Inside, contemporary art is promoted in various forms, for which it carries out exhibitions of painting, photography, ceramics, drawing and more.

In the place the works of Laurent Ardhuin, Gersende Crepel and Franyo Aatoth are exhibited.

Guillermo de Osma Gallery in Madrid

It was inaugurated in 1991 and since then it has held exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, by artists mainly from Europe and Latin America.

In this sense, the purpose of this space is to bring to the eyes of the spectators the works of transcendental historical figures and not new or fashionable artists.

Some of the most outstanding artists of the Guillermo de Osma art gallery are Rafael Alberti, Eduardo Chillida, Maruja Mallo and José Guerrero.

Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich

Founded in Cologne, Germany by Antonina Gmurzynska in 1965, this art gallery is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

This is a commercial art gallery that focuses on exhibiting, buying, and selling cutting-edge contemporary and modern works, primarily by European artists.

Many collectors come to the place in search of Russian works of art that were banned at the time of the Soviet regime.

Although this has been a benchmark for Russian works, it is not all that is in the place, works by Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Fernando Botero and other renowned ones also stand out.

Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome

This art gallery was founded in 1925 and focuses on exhibiting works from the mid-19th century and the World War II era.

In the place it is possible to appreciate works of sculpture, painting and graphic art of the best and most outstanding artists of the time.

Roman and European works in general are shown in this space and you can visit it in the city of Rome.

Galerie Urs Meile in Lucerne

It was founded in 1992 and from then until now it has been a recognized icon in the arduous task of presenting, exhibiting and disseminating contemporary works of art that emerge around the world.

In the place works of traditional painting and sculpture are shown but also photographs and videos are exhibited, part of the most modern fine arts of the time.

This gallery has two locations, one in Lucerne and the other in Beijing, as well as a space in full bloom in Ardez.

However, its main offices are in Switzerland and its most popular location is in Beijing, where collectors and art lovers flock daily.

If you are interested in learning more about art, museums and other forms of expression, we invite you to visit the blog section on our website, where you will find various articles that you will love to read.

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Guide to visiting art galleries for the first time

Get to know this detailed guide to visiting art galleries for the first time, so that you don’t lose sight of the most outstanding works, the most charming museums and what is worth knowing.

Visiting art galleries for the first time

When you visit large cities or small towns that have art galleries, it is well worth visiting them to see what they have to offer.

Around the world there are various corners that hide galleries that are true treasures for art lovers. These hidden gems are so valuable that they deserve your visit, but for this it is necessary to take into account some useful tips.

Tips for visiting art galleries for the first time

When visiting art galleries for the first time, you may not know where to look, lose details, run out of time or simply have no idea what to do, so we have prepared this list of tips for you.

1. Make a list of galleries you want to visit

Big cities like London or Madrid, house hundreds of museums and art galleries inside, so making a list of those you want to visit can save you a lot of time and serve as an itinerary.

Once you prepare your list you will be able to find out details of each site, access routes, schedules, transportation, ticket costs and others.
Visit the most recent and striking exhibitions, taking the time to enjoy your walk but without losing the opportunity to see all the spaces on your list.

2. Visit various neighborhoods of the city and their galleries.

It is common for art galleries in large cities to be located in various neighborhoods, so it is worth traveling and covering as much ground as possible, as far as art exhibitions are concerned.

Remember that you must try to optimize your time, for this you can take a tourist route that covers the galleries you want to visit or hire a transport beforehand to take you to each stop.

If you opt for public transport or taking a taxi every time, you may lose a lot of time and not be able to visit all the galleries that you have planned to visit.

3. Don’t visit too many art galleries in one day.

While it’s understandable that you want to make the most of your visit and want to see as much as possible, it’s not recommended that you visit too many places, as you’ll just rush off without really enjoying and appreciating what’s on display.

Instead, it is ideal that you plan with your list made in tip number 1, selecting the nearby galleries, estimating the time you can spend visiting them and considering meals, breaks, stops and more.

Many art experts suggest that the ideal number of galleries to visit per day is 10 or less, so take this valuable advice into account and avoid getting exhausted or missing out on your adventure.

4. Build a strategy for your visits.

Ideally, when you arrive at the gallery, you take a flyer and highlight the works you want to see from the list that appears there. It is common to find these bulletins at the reception of the place but if not, you can request it upon arrival.

Usually, in large art galleries, they do not usually place technical sheets next to the work, so you should be clear about what you see and ask questions to the staff that works there if you think it is necessary.

Do not feel committed to buying something just by asking questions, remember that in addition to selling, the job of these people is to inform the public.

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