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Meet the 11 fine arts

Get to know the 11 fine arts that exist in the world, from the oldest to those that have recently been added to the list, thanks to the fact that they stand out in an incredible way from other activities.

What are the 11 fine arts?

These expressions of creativity have been consolidated as a universal language, which allows people to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics that the artist intends to share.

Fine arts are artistic representations that give works aesthetic value and are endowed with creativity in different fields.

From this concept, various cultural disciplines have emerged in the world that not only allow artists to express themselves but also allow viewers to enjoy beauty and art.


It is one of the most enduring forms of creative expression, thanks to the materials used to make the work.

Works of architecture have functional value, as well as symbology and aesthetic beauty, filling public spaces around the world, with diverse styles and varied uses, from churches to town halls.


This form of fine arts is very old, it even existed in prehistoric times and remains in force to this day.

The artists who use it are capable of creating 3-dimensional shapes with beauty, aesthetics, and creativity.


It is a very popular form of artistic expression that uses color, light, shadow, perspective and even dimensions to express feelings, ideas and thoughts.

What the artist intends to convey is not always what the viewer captures, but the idea beyond that is to arouse any emotion in the viewer.


This artistic expression results from the harmonic combination of notes that create sounds, which are aligned in such a way that they converge in pleasing melodies to the sense.

Anyone can use music as a means of artistic expression, since it includes everything from singing to instruments.

It is usually present throughout the life of the human being, from birth to the time of death, in any modality.


As with music, dance is an artistic expression considered part of the fine arts and that anyone can use.

It is not necessary to be an expert in dance to express yourself through it, however, when practiced professionally, it makes viewers perceive emotions, sensations and everything that the artist wants to convey.

The movement of the body in dance is undoubtedly the expressive resource used by the artist, usually accompanied by music.


It is about the artistic expression used by the human being through letters, which together make sense in the form of poetry, narration, scripts or others.

Written language in any language, which intends to convey emotions, sensations, ideas or thoughts, is considered part of the fine arts.


It is the seventh art and it is considered a form of expression in which many people participate to conceive masterpieces of entertainment on the big screen.

This artistic modality combines several of the above in one place.


Recently added, this fine art modality allows the artist to capture a magical moment and freeze it to preserve it over time.

It can be presented physically or digitally, using various forms or artistic modalities.

Comics/ Comics

Also called graphic art, it involves turning drawings of different styles into complete works that bet on the entertainment of the viewer.

It can be carried out in a traditional or modern way and is shared with the public through various means of dissemination.


Food is present daily in the life of the human being and transmits sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas that delight the diner’s palate, combining flavors in a harmonious way.


Although little known, circus art is also part of the fine arts, combining acrobatics, movements, makeup, costumes, scenery and much more.

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